Single Channel RF Wireless Relay Remote Control Module

Single Channel RF Wireless Relay Remote Control Module

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This one-channel multifunction RF receiving controller is for sending open signal and close signal to one relay. It can be used to turn on/ off, connect/disconnect or implement other specific controlling program on the controlled devices or motor. Typical applications for relays include fields of electronically operated gate, windows, lifting appliance, switch, lifter, industrial control, security industry etc.

The RF controller has the advantages of high confidentiality, high stability, low power, and use expediently; no need for traditional connecting wire or dial fixing code switch, all you need to do is learning to match the code of the remote controller with the receiving controller.


Output mode:

The output mode of this controller is usually divided into non-lock, interlock and self-locking.( note that you can switch the mode directly without deenergization)
1. Self-lock—— short-circuit 1、2 with jumper cap
2. Interlock——short-circuit 2、3 with jumper cap
3. Non-lock——disconnect the jumper cap  

Learning method: press the learning key after switched on, you can begin learning after the led indicator blinks. Press any key to send signals within 20 seconds, if the led indicator blinks and light off, the learning process succeeds and the remote controller can work now.

Clear the code: if the learned controller gets lost, you just need to clear the existing signal code of the receive by long pressing the learning key for about 6 seconds until the led indicator lights off. The new remote controller cannot control the receiver directly, you need to learn and set again.



This receiver controller is of high confidentiality and large storage; it can store information of as much as 30 remote controllers with different codes.

This receiver can receive all kinds of fixed-code, learning code and other high-bit-rate remote controller regardless of the oscillation resistance. (Rolling codes not included.)


Technical Spec:

1. Operating voltage: DC12V

2. Operating current: ≤60MA

3. Load control: alternating current/direct current

4. Output current:  ≤10A

5. Operating frequency: 315MHz

6. Receiver sensibility: -105dbm

7. Operating temperature: -30 - +70

8. Size: 50*34*18mm

9. Weight:50g(including the remote controller)

10. Remote control distance: 150m (in wide-open area)


Package list:

1 x 1 channel relay module

1 x remote control

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